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Sacred Enneagram Course
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Sacred Enneagram Maps
There are 2 Maps to choose from, they are the Bronze & Silver Sacred Enneagram Maps. These detailed maps are perfect for a quick visual and informed reference into all of the elements of personality and psychological function.

These maps are available to purchase for Mac and Win computers here
the things you will discover -
- The nine enneagram types/styles,
- Development of personality type,
- Enneagram history,
- Type core beliefs,
- Type self-triangulation,
- Type virtues,
- Wings,

- Arrows,
- The 27 Animal Instinctual Drives,
- The Red Flags (warning signs) your heading into toxic overload,
- Advanced  enneagram knowledge such as The Triads, Tritype and our Divine Essence and so much more.
The Sacred Enneagram imparts insight and develops clarity of mind, helps you to see the deeper fixated subconscious drives of people’s behaviour and why they have repeating problems.. You will see how habits of egoic identification continuously appear to veil the pure, pristine consciousness that you truly are.
Bronze Map Info Video Below
Bronze Map $40 Here
Bronze Map for Win  
Bronze Map for Mac
Silver Map Info Video Below
Silver Map $40 Here
Silver Map for Win
Silver Map for Mac
The Below map is a SAMPLE DEMO. It contains less than 1/10th of the details from the complete map. Try it out by clicking your mouse on the various details within the map.


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